2 February 1963


Gaumont Cinema, New Victoria Street, Bradford, Yorkshire

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
A Taste Of Honey
Please Please Me

The first night of a month-long package tour headlined by Helen Shapiro. Other numbers performed during the tour included "Love Me Do" and "Beautiful Dreamer".

February 2,1963 February 2, 1963

February 2, 1963

February 2, 1963 Photobucket February 2, 1963

"A recent appeal on this page for memorabilia from the Beatles' Bradford gigs sparked memories for Terry Bostock, who was a young autograph hunter at the time.

"In 1963, I was a 13-year-old, living in Girlington, and regularly stood outside both the Alhambra and Gaumont collecting autographs," recalls Terry, of Brighouse.

"On the Beatles' first visit (in February 1963), I knew that Helen Shapiro was also performing at the Gaumont and thought I'd try and get her autograph.

"I went down that afternoon and stood outside the stage door in Quebec Street, along with a number of girls. "One of the girls noticed that a small door near the stage door, where they unloaded props, was insecure and they went through. Not one to miss a chance, I followed and ended up on the stage where we found all the acts on that evening. I went up and got Helen's signature, along with those of the Honeys, Danny Williams and Kenny Lynch.

"Most of the girls were flocking around four lads in leather jackets and jeans with quiffed hair, I hadn't a clue who these lads were, but I got behind the girls and had just got my first autograph when a man shouted from the balcony for us get out.

"I'd like to think this was Brian Epstein, but it could just as easily been the Gaumont manager." Terry adds: "After this the rest of them refused to sign my book. The autograph I did manage to get was John Lennon's."

Source: Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 26 April 2010
This was possibly the first night Ringo's bass drum was adorned with a new "antennae" band logo (although the earliest photographic evidence is from 17 February). Designed by signwriter Terry "Tex" O'Hara (brother of the Fourmost's guitarist Brian O'Hara), it would last until Ringo upgraded to a Ludwig kit on 12 May.

February 2, 1963 photo 630202h_zpsef010498.jpg

Paul's initial design idea

February 2, 1963 photo 630202j_zps1a700d5a.jpg

Tex O'Hara's preliminary sketches

February 2, 1963 photo 630202i_zpsc3f90f23.jpg

The final design, hand-drawn on a linen cloth band which Ringo attached across the front of the bass drum

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